Bed Bug Eradication

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- So you have Bed Bugs and now you are thinking of hiring an expensive exterminator who will use toxic chemicals.
- That's what I did when I first got infested. And, yes, I panicked. It's natural when you
don't understand what you are dealing with.
- Chemical spraying was a waste of money. The toxic chemical treatment(s) didn't work for me.
- Then I discovered a simple, cheap and non-toxic way of getting rid of bed bugs myself (so I wrote this book and set up the FB group).
- Folks, you are doomed to failure (read the Facebook posts) if you have the belief that you have to go after them to kill them. I used DE to set up my bed up in such a way that, when they came after me (and they have to to survive), they were gradually killed.
- Eradication doesn't happen overnight- it may take 1-2 months - but, when done properly, the logical approach I have described in my book will get rid of bed bugs - forever! It did for me.
Above all else, YOU HAVE TO understand the devious bugs live and reproduce. I explain how they survive, and thrive, in the book.

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